Formula description

CMYKCMYK PROCESS COLOUR SCALE is a professional tool used for designing four-colour offset printing. The following tones are a combination of basic colours in a 10% intensity scale. The formula guide contains as much as 8260 colours. Despite such a big number of colours, the colour area has a surface of 14x25 mm allowing a precise choice. CMYK PROCESS COLOUR SCALE is available for both coated and uncoated paper types (compare the same colour printed on different surfaces). The formula guide is in the shape of a 'fan deck' - a well-known and proven form, highly valued by users. It contains all combinations of basic colours as well as four-colour with black

Graphic design for full-colour sheet and roll print is only one of the many uses of the formula guide. It can be easily used to determine precisely the exact colours when working in areas such as: media, marketing and advertising. In order to make the interpretation of colours easier for people who aren't familiar with typography, the pages of the formula guide are numbered. The size of the formula guide is 215 x 55 x 60 mm. There are 8260 colour areas, each one as big as 14 x 25 mm. Additionally, the formula guide has plates with the sizes of the lines and fonts which is very useful in graphic design.
CMYKEven the most precisely calibrated equipment does not solve the problem of determining the right colour. It's not only the way the human eye perceives colour that is of an enormous importance (more theory). Also the surface of the print has a huge influence. That's why the CMYK PROCESS COLOUR SCALE formula guide was created for coated and uncoated paper.

In order to achieve the most reliable reproduction of colours, the formula guide was created with the use of the latest technology and state-of-the-art colour control measuring devices. Altogether, this makes CMYK PROCESS COLOUR SCALE a great tool, even for the most demanding!
The formula guide should be kept away from direct sunlight due to pigment decolourisation and paper ageing. In order to maintain its reliability, the formula guide should be replaced periodically.